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Forced marriage and honour-based violence

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This report used Luton as a case study to  investigate the effectiveness of the initiatives taken by the government to combat forced marriage in response to the recommendations of 'A choice by right' in 2000. This presented the findings of the working group chaired  Lord Ahmed and Baroness Uddin. The Luton report was commissioned by the Home Office in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service. (2008)

Forced marriage, family cohesion and community engagement in Luton - report by Nazia Khanum 2008.pdf

Report commissioned by Oxford City Council to assess the prevalence of forced marriage and honour based violence in Oxford, to review the effectiveness of current services and to make recommendations for future improvement. (2009)

Forced marriage and honour based violence in Oxford report by Nazia Khanum 2009.pdf

In partnership with the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), a study commissioned by the the Department for Children, Schools and Families to inform policy across government and feed into new guidelines. (2009)

Forced mariage - prevalence and service response by National Centre for Social Research 2009.pdf

Social and community

Research report commissioned by the Bengali Women's Project to promote the empowerment of Bangladeshi women, and to improve understanding of their aspirations among employers and statutory agencies. (2002)

Resilient spirits - the needs and aspirations of young Bangladeshi women in Luton by Nazia Khanum 2002.pdf

Report commissioned by the Learning and Skills Council, Bedfordshire and Luton, to identify the potential of ethnic minority community groups to engage with its education and training agenda. (2005)

Capacity needs of minority ethnic community organisations by Nazia Khanum 2005.pdf

Article for the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Golden Jubilee Volume, reviewing the social and economic circumstances of Muslims in Britain, and their sense of identity. (2006)

British Muslims - migration, settlement and identity by David Cheesman 2006.pdf

Report commissioned by the Confidence, Communications and Stakeholder Group of Bedfordshire Criminal Justice Board to map black and minority ethnic communities in Bedfordshire and identify potential partners. (2006)

Engagement of criminal justice system with black and minority ethnic communities in Bedfordshire and Luton by Nazia Khanum 2006.pdf
Faith in the Public Realm, 2009 Edited by Adam Dinham, Rob Furbey, Vivien Lowndes, available for purchase from Amazon

Article published in Faith and the Public Realm. It explores Muslim experience in the context of British secular culture, where public expressions of faith are often met with unease or hostility. (2009)

'Soft' segregation - Muslim identity, British secularism and inequality by David Cheesman and Nazia Khanum 2009.pdf

Visit to Sri Ghat High School constructed and maintained by Luton British Bangladesh Helping Hand (LBHH)

The school was set up by LBBHH in response to the devastation caused by Cyclone Sidr in 2007. As well as providing education, it is a cyclone shelter and community centre. (2010)

A brief review of the founding of LBBHH as Luton Flood Relief Committee in 2004, the projects it supported, and the background to the establishment of the Sri Ghat High School. (2011)

History of Luton British Bangladesh Helping Hand by Nazia Khanum 2011.pdf

A selection of poems by women of Bedfordshire, selected and edited by Nazia Khanum. (1997)

Say it in verse 1997.pdf


Lavishly illustrated with the author's own colour photographs, these letters paint a vivid picture of the former French colony ten years after its war of independence. They provide a view of a fascinating country emerging into freedom at a time of optimism, when everything seemed possible.(2020)

A study of power in rural Sindh - how it was exercised by landlords, moneylenders and colonial administrators, how it was modified, the impact on peasants and landless labourers: and how it related to the maintenance of British imperial rule in India. (1997)

An evaluation of French attitudes towards secularism in the context of Muslim settlement in France. (2006)

Faith in the secular continent - France and the Muslim exception by David Cheesman 2006.pdf

A review of Bangladeshi settlers across the world, with a particular focus on their experience in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and New Zealand. (2007)

Bangladeshi diaspora by David Cheesman and Nazia Khanum 2007.pdf

An analysis of parliamentary attitudes towards the British colonial empire, and specifically Africa, in the decade during which the decolonisation policy was formulated, using House of Commons records. (2009)

Butskell and the empire - the House of Commons prepares for the scramble from Africa 1946-56 by David Cheesman 2009.pdf

A comparison of two documents which remain highly contemporary and politically challenging, 800 years and 70 years after they were written. Presentation by David Cheesman, at University of Bedfordshire, 22 October 2015. (2015)

Magna Carta and the UN Charter - democratic accountability in the enforcement of human rights by David Cheesman 2015.pdf

Mentoring for Diversity  - this initial report sets out the concept of an innovative initiave to establish a leading role for black, asian and minority ethnic (BAME) staff in housing associations. It proposes that BAME staff should become mentors of chief officers, using their knowledge and experience to extend diversity in their workplaces and in their wider policies and practices. (2001)

N Khanum - Mentoring for Diversity report 2001.pdf
Reports on the successful pilot of the Mentoring for Diversity initiative in five housing associations in the East Midlands. It presents the experiences of mentors and mentees and proposes extending the model. (2003)
N Khanum - Mentoring for Diversity East Midlands pilot report 2003.pdf

A study of the housing needs, experience and aspirations of the Bangladeshi community in the Aston pride area of Birmingham. Conducted jointly with Bob Blackaby Associates and Linguistic Solutions. (2005)

N Khanum, Aston pride Bangladeshi Housing Study, 2005.pdf

Response on behalf of Presentation Housing Association to the race and housing inquiry initiated in 2001 by the Commission for Racial Equality, the National Housing Federation and the Housing Corporation. (2001)

N Khanum - response to Race & Housing inquiry 2001.pdf