Cease fire in Gaza Now

We support United Nations Security Council Resolution 2728 calling for an immediate cease fire in Gaza and the release of the Israeli hostages,.

The slaughter must stop.

Best of luck to the Hatters!!

In May 2023, Luton Town Football Club was promoted to the Premier League. This is an extraordinary achievement and a fantastic boost to the Town's reputation. We support the Hatters!


Equality in Diversity

Equality in Diversity CIC is an independent management, research, advocacy and training consultancy based in the multi-cultural town of Luton. We are committed to promoting social justice throughout Luton, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. In partnership with the United Nations Association Luton Branch, we work with Luton Borough Council, Luton Community Health Forum, the University of Bedfordshire and local and international communities to achieve this goal, through research, training, advocacy and dialogue.

Our services include:

  • Research in wide range of areas, especially: housing, employment, education, health, social services, leisure facilities, learning & skills, domestic abuse, forced marriage, honour-based violence and cultural, religious, social needs of diverse communities of different age groups, ethnicity, culture, faith, gender, sexuality and people with disability.
  •  Equality and Diversity Audit/Review of public, private and voluntary sector organisations in employment (recruitment, retention, staff development, conditions of employment, treatment of employees, organisational culture, bullying and harassment, grievance and discipline, promotion, exit interview etc), service delivery and community engagement.
  • Equality schemes (Race Equality Scheme, Gender Equality Scheme, Disability Equality Scheme, Single Equality Scheme etc).
  •  Equality Impact Assessments (Across sectors)
  •  Best Value Reviews of organisations in the public/private/voluntary sectors.
  •  Training: relating to employment and delivery of services for all organisations at all levels from chief officers to front line staff on equality/diversity relating to legislation (race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, religion or belief etc), for eliminating discrimination, promoting good practice, community engagement and involvement, community relations, integration and cohesion; target setting, monitoring and reviewing; training/awareness is also provided on diverse religions, cultures. In addition:

    o   Training for trainers on equality and diversity;

    o   Training for mentors on equality and diversity and challenges of mentoring;

  • Empowerment courses for minority ethnic communities (especially disadvantaged women facing multiple barriers) on how to improve awareness of available services (especially health and wellbeing), gain effective access & achieve better outcomes by improving communication and negotiation skills and confidence and being efficient in self-care.
  •  Writing reports on behalf of organisations e.g. response to green paper on behalf of housing associations, writing project evaluation reports on voluntary sector organisations etc.
  •  Executive Mentoring: for Chief and Senior Officers of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors on achieving institutional culture change relating to equality and diversity.
  •  Project direction and management: also includes setting up project structures, goals, targets/performance indicators, management systems and mechanisms for monitoring progress and measuring impact on target groups and organisations.
  • Evaluating /reviewing: (on equality/diversity/best value performance) projects / organisations e.g. education, housing, health, employment, community engagement and involvement projects, community enterprises, empowerment projects, learning and skills projects, mentoring projects, training projects etc and also organisations such as colleges, work-based and other types of learning/training providers, voluntary community organisations, local authority departments, housing associations etc.
  •  Organising consultation, awareness raising and networking: meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  •  Translation/interpretation services from Bengali to English and vice versa

Developing a more just society

We are committed to promoting human rights, international understanding and solidarity across all communities and the world.  We have undertaken ground-breaking work on eliminating forced marriage and honour-based violence, on strengthening the resilience of families in countering radicalism and violent extremism and taking on the challenges of a multi-faith society.

Best practice in equalities

We promote equality and diversity by working with policy makers, service providers, voluntary groups and communities. We provide training and guidance on the legal framework. Beyond that, through our Mentoring for Diversity programme, we champion the business case for diversity and provide practical support for changing organisational culture.


Empowering communities

We work with local communities to improve access to statutory services, to empower families and disadvantaged healthcare service users, to develop creativity and self-expression.